After opening its doors to foreign trade and investment in 1978, China has grown to become one of the world’s largest trading nations, trading in all types of goods, from commodities to industrial goods to consumer and luxury products. China’s growth has created a multitude of business opportunities for foreign companies buying or selling to China, but such growth has also been accompanied by significant legal and regulatory reforms. While this has created more legal certainty for foreign companies trading with China, at the same time it has also resulted in more rules that foreign companies need to follow to ensure their rights and interests are properly protected and in compliance with the law.

Our team of lawyers and consultants have a wide range of experience when it comes to international trade and customs-related matters in China, including advising on and handling the following:

  • International Trade Contract Preparation, Review and Negotiation:
    • Purchase Agreements / Sales Contracts
    • Supply Contracts
    • Manufacturing Contracts (OEM/ODM)
    • Distribution Contracts
    • Licensing Contracts
  • International Trade Dispute Resolution:
    • Debt Collection from Suppliers / Manufacturers / Trading Companies
    • Letter of Demand and Negotiation for Settlement
    • Settlement Agreements
    • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Customs-Related Matters:
    • Import and Export Licenses/Permits for Permitted and Restricted Goods
    • Classification of Goods According to HS Code and Place of Origin
    • Customs Duties and Taxes
    • Customs Clearance, Quality Inspection and Quarantine Procedures
    • Customs Audits and Inspections
    • Customs Anti-Smuggling Investigations
    • Customs Registration and Protection of IP rights
    • Customs Investigations into Counterfeit Goods
    • Customs Litigation and/or Administrative Reconsideration