For foreign companies, businesspeople or citizens that are the target of a criminal investigation or the victim of a crime, dealing with the police and courts in China on matters that may lead to imprisonment or worse can be an overwhelming challenge to face and overcome. The Chinese criminal justice system is extremely complex, and few foreign companies and individuals understand how to navigate the intricacies of it in order to bring about desirable outcomes.

Our team of specialized and highly-qualified criminal defense lawyers have represented high-profile individuals charged with corporate crimes and other criminal offenses, and have effective communication channels with the relevant authorities and important judiciary bodies throughout China. Our criminal defense services include advising on and handling the following:

  • Crime Prevention and Risk Control Measures:
    • Internal Code of Conduct Preparation or Review
    • Evidence Collection and Criminal Offense Reporting
  • Criminal Defense for Business Crimes (e.g., Bribery and Corruption, Misappropriation of Funds, Fraud):
    • Representation for Criminal Investigations
    • Communication with Authorities
    • Settlement Agreement Preparation or Review
    • Evidence Collection